The Yellow Wiggle: Star and car

Emma Watkins, The Yellow Wiggle, and a Volkswagen Eos.The low-down born in Sydney and having grown up watching The Wiggles herself, Emma joined the group as The Yellow Wiggle in 2012 after first performing with the ensemble in 2010 as Fairy Larissa, Wags the Dog and Dorothy the Dinosaur.

Memorable moments starting ballet at age four; winning a Sydney Film School scholarship; earning a Masters degree in Media Arts and Communications at UTS.

Current projects touring The Wiggles’ new CD/DVD release, Apples and Bananas – A Wiggly Collection of Nursery Rhymes. Visit thewiggles爱杭州同城论坛m for dates.

2006 – the year dad bought it for me

1965 – the vintage of my old Renault 10

What was your first car?

A Renault 10 that my dad bought for me. He’s a massive Renault enthusiast and I was only allowed to have Renaults before I got my Wiggle car. I remember the fan belt breaking and having to take off my stockings to tie a new fan belt with one of the legs. Then it broke down again and I tied the other leg to get myself home. Each leg lasted five minutes.

What are you driving now?

We’re now with Volkswagen so I’ve got an Eos. I chose the colour red just because I like red, not especially to have a Big Red Car. The Eos is a convertible and is a lot more sophisticated than the Renault 10.

How did you find the whole learning to drive thing?

The Renault Car Club would have driving days for juniors so I actually got my CAMS racing licence when I was 12 and learned to drive a manual.

I was driving in the middle of a paddock in Jugiong when I was quite young and also drove motorkhana from the age of 14 through to 16. Then I got my Ls and drove on the real road.

What’s your pet road peeve?

I don’t really like sneaky people driving up the inside lane to cut in. I just think they need to actually get in when their lane indicates that they need to.

What’s your favourite drive?

At the end of last year we did a tour in New Zealand. You can just drive from the top to the bottom of each island and it’s just beautiful. You really do feel like you’re in Lord of the Rings.

The scenery is absolutely lovely. There are mountains and waterfalls everywhere, and you really don’t have to drive too far to find beautiful, beautiful landscapes.

If you could go on a long road trip with absolutely anyone, who would it be?

Irina Baronova. She was one of the three Baby Ballerinas from Russia and she lived in Australia.

I met her a year before she passed away but I never really got to speak to her, but I know that she would have had some very interesting stories.

What’s your preferred drive music?

At the moment it’s a lot of Wiggles because we’re recording a new album, so as soon as we’ve finished at the studio we get in the car and play all the drafts. It’s really good to play it back on a car stereo because it sounds so different to when you’re in the studio.

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